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Wireless School Headphones
Infrared headphones for school, also known as wireless headphones are specially designed for young students of a variety of ages including early learning and students using audio learning programs. They create opportunity to be able to wear the wireless classroom headphones and be able to move during the lesson or program. There is no need for a cord due to the transmitter that connects the headsets to the audio device feed. This provides line of sight freedom for students to stand up and move around during a lesson or test. We are here to ensure you find ideal wire-free classroom headphones at the best possible price.
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Wireless Listening Center, 4 Station with Headphones and Transmitter Wireless Listening Center for School Wireless Listening Center
Wireless Listening Center with Headphones and Rack
Our Price: $473.75
Sale Price: $293.50
Savings: $180.25
12 Station Wireless Listening Center
Our Price: $849.99
Sale Price: $550.00
Savings: $299.99
Wireless Listening Center for Classrooms HB
Our Price: $879.99
Sale Price: $572.00
Savings: $307.99
We understand that teachers want to create an ideal learning environment. Using wireless school headphones, can help you create that ideal environment. Wireless school headphones can benefit any teacher/instructor and allow students to have an opportunity to experience audio activities without a cord for a more advanced learning experience.
Wireless school headphones give students additional freedom to move around and are perfect for group settings like in the library or also within computer labs. With line of sight technology, they can work from about 10-15 feet away which eliminates the tangles and enhances your students ability to move around the classroom without losing the audio feed. We are dedicated to helping parents and teachers find the perfect wireless classroom headphone.

We also offer educational discounts for schools and learning centers..

Our team will work with you to ensure you discover a high quality solution at the best price combined with our recognized outstanding service that we provide to educators.
With wireless school headphones, you can transform the learning experience for specific students. Audio learning programs become more more fun and engaging inside the classroom.